Monday, 20 January 2014

Chapter 9(a) - another sample

I made a startling purchase the other day ....

... no I haven't lost the plot - look at that tempting grid just waiting to be stitched.  Following an inspirational workshop with Isobel Hall, I decided to try weaving stitched strips of cotton.
The above image is a very close close-up.  I used black thread with a turquoise bobbin thread and relaxed the tension so that the bobbin thread peeked through.  After stitching one line, I flipped the fabric over and reversed the stitched line.

I threaded up the strips using a large bodkin and did running stitch then returned down the line with a large tent stitch.  The cotton frayed more than I'd planned and threatened to overwhelm the pattern of stitching.  I also had to keep untwisting the strip as I sewed.  Interestingly, the tent stitch resembles tiny capsules/pods/mussels.  I think this type of stitching would be more effective stitched over a large area, using a  degree of variation in the colour of the backing cotton.  Paper or Vilene could also be used as a base for the strips.

Overall, I stitched this sample with my HEAD rather than my HEART, which is why I'm not particularly pleased with it.


  1. Great idea Anne! It would be interesting to use other "yarns" too. Your grids are so imaginative.

  2. Isn't it amazing where inspiration comes from. I've just enjoyed a lovely trawl through some of your recent posts, you've created some really beautiful work.
    Many thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment, it was much appreciated.