Sunday, 21 March 2010

Handmade Beads

Wooden 1" discs painted with acrylic paint

Pumpkin seeds coloured with copper acrylic paint using plastic bag method.

Hand-rolled scrap fabric bead - glued then wrapped with wire
More to follow...

Beadwork sampler in progress

Jewellery findings and beads in combinations on purple ground

Combination of beads to form 3D shape on purple ground.

Bugle beads in formation on yellow ground.

Bead sampler partway through - some squares still to be filled, plus edging to display further beadwork. More to follow....

Buttons - simple buttons

First attempt at a Dorset button

Covered button made with cotton which has been procion-dyed and stamped. Seed beads hand-sewn around edge.

Ditto, but knitting ribbon added to make a fringed edge

Covered button. Chain stitch on monoprinted fabric.

Covered button. Free machine stitched spirals on monoprinted fabric. A contrasting colour thread used.

Suffolk puff made from yellow monoprinted satin.

The reverse shows off the monoprinted pattern.

Purple satin "puff"

Monoprinted satin bonded to foam and wrapped with variegated thread.


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Ragged tassel made from torn silk taffeta ribbon and torn scraps of monoprinted fabrics.

Hand-dyed bamboo knitting ribbon wrapped with beaded wire.

Mixed fibres bound with wire and topped with a decorative bead.

Mixture of metaillic threads and cotton perle, knotted.

Hand-dyed bamboo knitting ribbon, machined and knotted.

A mad tassel - wire incoroprated into machined cords.

Can be shaped into rigid form.


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A selection of simple machine-stitched cords.
I used a variety of threads, including
embroidery floss, cotton perle, wool, metallic thread and hand-dyed knitting ribbon.

Hand made cords

Altered tension machine cords

More to follow!


Not many examples - must do some more!

Free machine stitching

Monoprinting - fabric

I LOVE monoprinting!

On the right is a particular favourite - makes me think of Christmas.
Monoprinting using acrylic paints

Top row L: printing (2 layers) on dark purple polyester - impression of an illuminated manuscript?

The remainder are printing on dyed cotton. Right, effect achieved by pushing a clean paintbrush down onto fabric and rotating it (think boy scouts trying to light a camp fire).

Other types of printing - stamping

Kitchen knob, as seen on my inspiration sheets

...... made strong directional prints on procion-dyed cotton.

A bought stamp and a handmade stamp - silky cord salvaged from a gift bag, secured to strong card with double-sided tape.

.... and some interesting experiments on monoprinted cotton samples

Other types of printing - shibori

Preparation for shibori on procion-dyed yellow cotton

Two shibori samples after yellow prepared cotton was overdyed with a purple procion dye, rinsed and thread removed.