Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Improved photos of Chapter 9(a), Module 4.

Following your feedback, Sian, I have begun to work into some of the samples and have taken clearer photos for you to look at.

1.  Machine stitched pulp/rug canvas sampler (previously submitted).


2. Added handstitching - from top:
-  diagonal straight stitches 
-  long-legged cross stitch
-  elongated chain stitch
-  uneven button hole stitch 

3.  More detailed photo of handstitched sampler ideas (previously submitted).
4.  Close up of red stitching on charcoal pulled-thread sampler.
5.  Rug canvas painted with red acrylic.  Some ideas including weaving ribbon
and beading in the spaces.
6.  Another experiment - woven raffia dipped in pulp then a large letter "a" handstitched
with a large, loose backstitch using suedette cord.
7.  I returned to the pulled and wrapped thread piece and wove a thick black cotton back and forth to create a mesh within the original "bars".  I may stitch over the top of this.
8.  Close up of a piece previously submitted.  I took your advice and have removed (by wetting and rubbing) some of the paper behind the green vegetable net.
The top row of stitching resembles handwriting, the lower a Cyrillic script and the panel at the left side resembles (to me) a runic writing form.
 9.  close up of 8.
 10.  a further close up of 8.

9.  Close up of handmade cord couched onto pulled-thread background to form a network.

I hope these pictures are clearer - thank goodness they have loaded OK!  I will continue with more samples and post them ASAP.  I confess I am struggling with this part of the module and how to express the rhythmic but varied patterns of writing.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Posting problems

I am finding it impossible to upload images at the mioment and even Live Writer does not work. Back soon!